I Love African Cinema !

Cinema is an extremely popular source of entertainment worldwide. Numerous movies are produced each year and people watch these in large numbers. Cinema impacts our life. Both positively and negatively. I am sure that, as you read you can remember a movie scene that is somehow part of your personal story.

Cinema has come forward as a great way of recreation source around a century, it has been one of the most loved pastimes since its inception. Initially theatres were the only way to get access to the cinema but with the popularity of television and cable tv, watching movies became easier with the advent of internet and mobile phones, we now get access to the cinema on our mobile screens and can watch them just about anywhere and anytime.

Cinéma en Afrique

The people in Africa are now more engaged in movies as time passes by. Africans are mostly noted for storytelling, as a way of promoting our culture but since the inception of cinema and movies we have seen a major turn from storytelling by mouth to telling stories through movies, which is a positive innovation, because people now watch, see and feel the emotions of the characters well as displayed.

There are now countless movies produced in here in Africa. We wanted to know which are the best African movies according to the African audience and why we should watch them.

Come with us to the streets of  Ghana, to meet the people and ask them about their favorite movies !

Miss. Korinson Latifa

19 years old,
Teenage student girl

My favorite movie is Skinny Girl on Transit. This is a Nigerian movie about an oversize girl who has been laughed at by everyone. The movie is inspiring and motivational and the movie made me go pass a lot of negative people in my life. African cinema is going out there and there is more to be done to reach the top.

Mr. Mark Yakubu

32 years old, Farmer

My favorite movie is Johnny Mad Dog. A movie about the Liberian Civil war. It is my favorite movie because it teaches about survival and hardship. The Hollywood is far ahead of the African movie industry, but we are also getting there so everyone should get ready for the African movie.

Miss Appiah Darko Deborah

18 years old, Teenage student girl

My favorite movie is The Good Old Days-The love of AA. This is a Ghanaian romance film which tells a story of two friends who fell in love with each other from their days of Senior High School.
It was directed by Mr. Kwaw Ansah.
It is my favorite movie because the suspense and the idea of the movie is like no other for me. I loved a lot of African movies but would like to see more improvement in the cinema and movie industry.

Mr Kwabena Darko

31 years old, Sales person

My favorite movie is Beast of No Nation, an award winning movie. Beast of No Nation talks about political instability in Africa.
The reality of the movie makes it my favorite. It makes you watch how children are recruited and used as soldiers to fight in wars. The African movies industry is moving forward, but at a slow pace and adopting more technology and the use of better equipment in filming would give viewers a better experience. It would be a good step forward.

Mr. Mohammed Sheriff

23 years old, Student

My favorite movie is Keteke a Ghanaian award winning movie which is about a couple who is bent on their first baby but misses their first train which is the only means of transportation from the outskirts.
A wrong decision finds them in the middle of nowhere, putting the baby and mother in danger.
The popularity of this movie in Ghana made it my favorite movie but after watching it I saw why it was so popular as it is a relaxing and funny movie.
If all movie makers in Africa followed the production of this movie they would always make world class movies.

Mr Bimomindo Silas.

21 years old, Student

My favorite movie is Black November, a movie about the members of a Niger Delta Community wage a war against their corrupt government and an international Oil Corporation to save their land from being destroyed by excessive drilling and frequent spills.
The movie shows how the people of Africa are tired of their corrupt leaders and the need for transformation. I like the movie because it sends a signal to all corrupt leaders in Africa that the people need a change. I am certain the cinema and movie industry is moving on and there would be a time where everyone would want to see what the people of Africa has to offer.

The people of Africa are connected to their cinema because it brings out the reality of what is happening in Africa and our culture. 

The movie industry is moving forward and would need more innovations to reach its peak together we can make this come true. 

Let’s patronize African movies to promote our culture and what we have to offer.

So go online, check these movies… and tell us what you think about them, and why YOU love African cinema. 

By Christian Babinah
DiPE representative in Ghana

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